P3Connect is the sales and marketing agent for the Blackhawk Powerhouse energy conditioning system. P3Connect directs a roster of committed sales professionals providing our customers with an unrivalled opportunity to:

  • Reduce power consumption and related costs
  • Prolong the life-cycle of electric lights and equipment
  • Reduce the environmental impacts of power generation.

P3Connect welcomes the opportunity to earn your business while delivering a proven new technology to Canadians.


The Blackhawk energy conditioning system is the innovation of American inventor Jerry Johnson. With over 40 years experience in the electrical industry, Johnson’s initial development began in 2007 with patent applications submitted in 2009 ( see margin ).

The Blackhawk Powerhouse evolved through continued research and development, upgraded technology, and rigorous testing on residential, commercial and industrial installations. Realizing inspirational test results, the company launched market targeted manufacturing and sales in late 2010.

quote We kept a good eye on the competition. This box does things nobody else can do. quote
  Jerry Johnson, Inventor  

With the rising costs of electrical energy and ever-increasing concern for the environment, P3Connect is extremely pleased to bring the Blackhawk Powerhouse to Canadian commericial interests, industries, governments and privately owned residential homes and buildings.

We believe greater efficiency in the utilization and consumption of electric energy provides tremendous benefits for both your bottom line and community. The Blackhawk Powerhouse is truly your edge in energy!

P3Connect News

Feb 20, 2019

 Revealing Reports Target Alberta Electricity Market

EDMONTON, Canada - Alberta's seven major electricity companies are the subject of a series of revealing new reports that provide unprecedented detail into each company's finances and operations. The authors, Gray Energy Economics Inc., compiled all publicly available information and developed a proprietary analysis that isolates each company's market strategies, physical outages and market results. read reports

 Power Rates “Clearly Out of Hand”

EDMONTON, Canada - “If the province wants to fix anything about the electricity situation in [ Alberta ] they should fix the distribution and transmission companies and their rates which have clearly gotten out of hand.” According to Chris Vilcsak, President and CEO of Solution 105 in Edmonton: regulated electricty rates in Alberta have tripled since 2002!  read more

 Powerhouse goes to University

EDMONTON, Canada - P3 Connect is pleased to announce the installation of two Blackhawk Powerhouse units at The King’s University College in Edmonton, Alberta. King’s is the first educational institution in Canada to utilize Blackhawk power conditioning technology. Facilities Manager Rob Van Weerden claims “Power Factors instantly climbed to a remarkable .99 while overall energy consumption fell by more than 10%.”  read more

 Powerhouse saves $19,000 per year

EDMONTON, Canada - Blackhawk Energy Saver Corp. is pleased to announce the recently completed tests of a single Blackhawk Powerhouse energy conditioning unit installed at Whitecourt IGA in Whitecourt, Alberta. Data analysis conducted by former Senior Alberta Energy & Utilities Board Analyst David Gray demonstrates an annual energy cost savings of over $19,000 in addition to an estimated annual CO2 reduction of 130 tonnes.  read report

 Powerhouse prevents 115 tonnes CO2

EDMONTON, Canada - Blackhawk Energy Saver Corp. is pleased to announce the recently completed tests of our Blackhawk Powerhouse energy conditioning system in co-operation with the City of Edmonton. Test data analysis was conducted by former Senior Alberta Energy & Utilities Board Analyst David Gray. read more

 Alberta hotel sets new standard

hotel logoEDMONTON, Canada - The Devonian Hotel and Suites in Fox Creek, northwest of Edmonton, is the first hotel property in Canada to realize the energy savings and equipment related cost-cutting benefits of the new Blackhawk Powerhouse energy conditioning system. The hotel encourages other Canadian hotels and hospitality facilities to “Go Green” with the environmentally friendly, energy saving technology of the Blackhawk Powerhouse.

Blackhawk Patents

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  • International PCT Serial No.
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