The ProSeries1 evolved through ongoing research and development, upgraded technology and rigorous testing on residential, commercial and industrial installations. Realizing inspirational test results, the company launched market targeted manufacturing and sales in late 2010.

With the rising costs of electrical energy and ever-increasing concern for the environment, P3Connect is extremely pleased to bring the ProSeries1 to Canadian commericial interests, industries, governments and privately owned residential homes and buildings.

We believe greater efficiency in the utilization and consumption of electric energy provides tremendous benefits for both your bottom line and community. The ProSeries1 is your edge in energy!

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1. Millennium Place Power Factor Correction Review

2. Alberta Power Factor Correction

3. BC Power Factor Correction


P3Connect is the sales and marketing agent for the ProSeries1 energy conditioning system. P3Connect directs a roster of committed sales professionals providing our customers with an unrivalled opportunity to:

  • Reduce power consumption and related costs
  • Prolong the life-cycle of electric lights and equipment
  • Reduce the environmental impacts of power generation.

P3Connect welcomes the opportunity to earn your business while delivering a proven new technology to Canadians.