The Powerhouse Payback

Working to reduce overhead and boost productivity ?

We can help with the Blackhawk Powerhouse, cUL certified and performance tested by GE.

The Powerhouse can reduce your operating costs by 8 - 10% or more.

With those savings applied to our leasing option, your unit costs you nothing.

In fact, you may actually realize a positive new monthly cash return. Here’s how ...


Lease to Own  [ Canadian Customers Only ]

Example 36 / 40 Term 24 / 27 Term
Your Monthly Cost of Power + Equipment Maintenance $8000 $8000
Gross Monthly Savings ( 10% ) $800 $800
Monthly Lease Payment * $491 $715
Net Monthly Savings $309 $85

* Based on the price of a powerful 20 kVAR Powerhouse unit including installation.

100% Tax Deductible

While you easily recover the cost of your lease, every payment is also 100% tax deductible.

And, when the lease expires, you own the unit and save the full amount every month.

But that’s not all ...

High Performance

Your lights, machinery and electronics will last longer and run smoother at peak efficiencies.

And your electrical system is safeguarded against power surges up to 50,000 volts.

All of which adds up to even greater savings.

Go Green

When you reduce power consumption and extend equipment life you do 3 important things:

• Reduce the environmental impacts of power generation

• Reduce the ecological impacts of discarded waste

• Create a greater awareness of environmental stewardship.

Your customers and community will be glad you did.

Easy Installation

Our techs install your Powerhouse quickly and efficiently, usually in a couple of hours.

It comes with a full 5-year parts and service Manufacturer’s Warranty.

And it requires no special cooling or maintenance.

Smart Money

You get all this and more for less than you’re spending right now!

With environmental concerns and power price increases, this is where the smart money’s going.

Contact a Blackhawk Powerhouse consultant today.

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Payments Calculator    
Lease to Own - Purchase Options
10% after 12 monthsor   $10 after 14 months
10% after 24 monthsor   $10 after 27 months
10% after 36 monthsor   $10 after 40 months
* 10% = 10% of unit price
Lease to Own - Purchase Example

Let’s say you choose the 36 / 40 month lease term. This gives you the option to purchase and own the equipment
for 10% of the original unit price after 36 months.

If you choose to use the full 40 months, you can then:
• purchase the Powerhouse for $10 [ that’s ten bucks ]
• continue leasing with a new unit
• or return the original with no further obligation.