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General Electric

General Electric



How it Works


This component guards against power surges up to 50,000 volts. In concert with Metallic Oxide Varisitors (MOVs), it also helps protect against lightning strikes.


Customized capacitors store Reactive Energy and apply it only when inductive loads like motors and fluorescent lights actually need it, thus relieving your utility of the need to continually transmit this often unnecessary load. This process reduces both the overall energy you consume as well as any related transmission fees, penalties or surcharges.


MOVs are voltage-dependent resistors used to provide optimal operating conditions and protect against excessive transient voltages. When triggered, they will shunt excess current away from sensitive equipment.

How It Works



The Blackhawk Powerhouse has been tested and accredited in both Canada and the United States by a variety of independent certification and evaluation organizations including both American (UL) and Canadian (cUL) Underwriters Laboratories. Additional certifications were obtained in Canada from QPS Evaluation Services prior to unit installations.


The Blackhawk Powerhouse has also been professionally evaluated using General Electric EPM 2000 Digital Power Meters during Power Factor, Total Current and Reactive Energy assessments in actual operating retail and manufacturing environments.


Our Clients

Best Western National Oilwell Devonian Hotel Merom Farms
Executive Mat Willy Dees Boilers EPS Molders IGA
AUMA Drivers Kings University Modern Beauty



Merom Farms

BC Hydro Bill  Dec 2013

Powerbill 1
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BC Hydro Bill  Jan 2014

Powerbill 2
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Two Powerhouse units solved Power Factor problems and hefty kVAR related surcharges for Merom Farms in British Columbia

IGA Grocery


Blackhawk Energy Saver Corp. installed two (2) Blackhawk Powerhouse energy conditioning units at an IGA grocery outlet in Whitecourt, Alberta in July 2012. Electrical energy consumption data collected during a five (5) month period following the installation was compared to the same data recorded during an identical period the previous year.

A comparative analysis demonstrates notable energy and cost savings realized during the post-installation data collection period. The daily average savings in kilowatt hours (KWh) consumed have been extrapolated to provide the estimated annual energy, cost and CO2 savings indicated here.

IGA Data
Data Source  Fortis Alberta  View Data
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City of Edmonton

City of Edmonton

A trial of the Powerhouse’s energy conditioning capacity was also conducted with the cooperation of the City of Edmonton at the Grand Trunk Leisure and Fitness Centre in July 2013. Energy analyst David Gray concluded:

“ The Blackhawk was found to reduce energy consumption by an average of 350 kW.h per day resulting in an estimated reduction of 127,750 kW.h consumed per year. Associated CO2 emission reductions are 115 tonnes annually. This installation has an estimated 10 year 61% return on investment and a 1.6 year payback. ”

Grand Trunk Fitness Centre
Data Analysis  Gray Energy Economics Inc.  View Analysis



Kings University

Kings University Logo

Energy consumption fell dramatically following the installation of a Blackhawk Powerhouse unit at Kings University College in Edmonton in April 2014. After correcting for ambient temperatures, energy analyst David Gray concluded:

“ The huge decrease in the constant coefficient (KWh) from 4,496 in May 2013 to 3,742 in May 2014 suggests the Blackhawk has been efficient in decreasing the daily power consumption levels by at least 16.8% compared to the same previous year period. ”

Kings University
Data Analysis  Gray Energy Economics Inc.  View Analysis



Going Green

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When you reduce power consumption and extend equipment life with the Blackhawk Powerhouse you do three (3) important things:

• Reduce the environmental impacts of power generation
• Reduce the ecological impacts of discarded waste
• Create a greater awareness of environmental stewardship.

Your customers and community will be glad you did.

Going Green



Corporate Partners

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P3 Connect is proudly associated with three of Alberta’s leading electrical service providers: Mayco Industries Group, Pace Technologies and Serv-All Mechanical Services Ltd. offering engineering, electrical and automation oriented solutions for both private and public sector clients.

We also promote ecoSTAY, helping hotels reduce carbon emissions that lead to climate change; as well as National Leasing, the sole national provider of Blackhawk purchase related financial services.

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Open QuoteKing’s was very pleased to realize savings over the first 10 months that equaled the cost of our Powerhouse project plus a wee bit more: $35,000. This was much better than anticipated, generating an impressive 100% return on our investment in less than ten months.

Rob Van Weerden, Director Facilities, King’s University College

Open QuoteSince the Powerhouse was installed, I’m happy to report all systems have been operating virtually trouble free with a smooth power supply. The same applies to our LED lighting systems. That’s another investment I don’t have to worry about thanks to our Powerhouse.

Mike Jomaa, CEO, Modern Beauty Supplies

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Energy Audits

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P3 Connect energy audits pin-point the demands of every energy consuming device in your building.
The data we collect is used to identify smart technologies appropriate to your unique consumption patterns.

Optimizing the "shape" of your electrical load can significantly reduce both energy and distribution expenses. We work with experienced vendors, provide competitive quotes, and assess your selected remedial measures to confirm savings.

Ask about our new smartphone app that provides instant information and warnings regarding Alberta wholesale power prices and electricity demand - updated every two minutes - in an easy to read format.

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