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Blackhawk Energy Saver Corp. is seeking established electricians and service providers as retail partners for our new line of power conditioning products.

We are the only authorized distributor of the Blackhawk Powerhouse energy conditioning system in Canada.

We offer generous commissions as well as free marketing materials, training and promotions.

The Blackhawk Powerhouse

The Blackhawk Powerhouse helps reduce energy consumption and related costs while safeguarding electric lights, equipment and sensitive electronics.

Our system delivers robust Power Factor correction plus 50,000 volt surge protection in a single, easy to install, self-contained unit.

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Each unit is custom-constructed to your kVAR specifications. There are no carrying costs or inventory to purchase or stockpile.

A Motivated Market

Today, commercial and industrial operators understand the business case for sustainability like never before.

They know being environmentally friendly will reduce operating costs, attract new customers and increase profits.

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Our experience shows this highly motivated market is willing and eager to participate with new energy conservation and conditioning technologies.

As such, our patented, cUL certified Powerhouse products and generous commissions represent a timely new opportunity.

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We would be pleased to discuss a potential new cooperative agreement with any industry qualified retailer or service provider.

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quote There’s this theory that you have to pick one: economics or environmental performance.That’s nonsense. Innovation lets
you have both. Companies that don’t get this risk becoming irrelevant.
  Mark Vachon, Vice President, General Electric (GE)  

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